A run through of some of our projects from our extensive portfolio of Solar Installations.

From Building Integrated PV, to large scale commercial.

We've done it all.

Building integrated PV.

This showpiece Grand Designs build featured our PowerMax PV Panels. Blending Corten Steel roof panels and Frameless Black Glass Solar effortlessly.

Adapting to existing roofs.

Whether it’s following different pitching roof profiles, or having to work with skylights - we’ve done it. The additional row of panels at a different angle and the black/clear glass infills over the skylights, made it possible to add a stunning feature to this pristine home.

Cantilevered Engineering.

Using angled brackets to create fixings, this overhanging panel design adds a touch of finesse to this cleanly designed home with a remarkable view.

Power Producing Facade.

One of the worlds firsts. Incredible use of the panel in a facade design. Installed on an existing stables, this showpiece creates awe with the realisation that solar panels can be used as a cladding material.

Architectural Design.

Steep pitches on stylish builds, this system was retrofitted to look like it always belonged.

Large Scale Commercial.

A solution comprising of over 1400 panels. Designed with consideration to time of use power restraints. The Avancis PowerMax panel doesn’t just belong in a residential setting.

Create the


Sometimes an existing roof isn’t optimal for Solar production. That’s no issue when solutions can be kept sleek and elegant.

Glass roof.

Using black glass sections to seamlessly flow with the panels, a full glass roof was retrofitted to this cottage.

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